English Middle School

At present, English language is the lingua franca by excellence; it is the language through which people who speak different languages communicate to carry out endless activities linking different cultures. Therefore, their learning and management is essential in an increasingly globalized world. Relations and social interests, science, culture and economics relations and interests make the teaching of the language necessary as part of the skills necessary to live, grow and develop in any environment.

At CES, we work with small groups using the target language in 100% given that our main interest is that students acquire the language through a functional communicative approach, developing the four linguistic skills in conjunction with grammar, vocabulary and critical thinking, which allows the students to interact and unfold in any socio-cultural context; in other words, they can express themselves orally and written naturally, safely and with the necessary tools learning to learn and to learn to be in a second language.

On a permanent basis, our students read authentic texts from which they obtain information about the culture and way of life of other countries. In this way, they broaden their horizons in order to be able to express opinions and defend their ideas according to their personal principles and interests, increasing their vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

In order to favor social learning environments in the classroom, we work collaboratively, with the aim of contributing to oral interaction, listening comprehension and solving problems that strengthen the students’ organization of their thinking and discourse, in order to develop an analytical and responsible attitude towards the problems of their environment.

At CES XXI we form universal citizens capable of responding assertively to the challenges of today.

As an authorized preparation center by the University of Cambridge our classes are designed to improve the aspects of the language that are assessed on the certification exams including preparation tests to prepare the students and teach them to manage their testing time, therefore, at the end of the school year, the students who wish to do so will have the tools to present the certifications tests of the English language KET (Key English Test), PET(Preliminary English Test) and FCE (First Certificate in English) by the University of Cambridge.

The projects are organized according to the needs and interests of each group, among them we can find: audio books with original stories, digital magazines, translation of works, interdisciplinary presentations and video subtitling.

Through academic and cultural meetings, the students put into action their comprehension processes (listening, reading) and production (speaking, writing), solving the problems and or situations that they have to face, being an interesting challenge for them.

Public speaking in a foreign language represents a challenge; therefore speech types and drafting, body language, among other skills are practiced in the intermediate and advanced groups. The objective is to promote organization, research, critical thinking, understanding of controversial and current issues, through the presentation of ideas in English.

The acquisition of the English language is an increasingly important priority in our society and recognizing the cultural differences between countries is essential to obtain an integral approach to the language, that is why at CES we created a space where multiculturalism is promoted among our students through stands of different English-speaking countries a variety of foods, typical costumes, idioms and customs of different countries.

Each school year CES XXI offers students the opportunity to live an incredible experience participating in an academic trip abroad that encourages young people to develop skills: strengthening their knowledge of the English language, developing communicative tools in the target language, gaining self-confidence, sensitizing to cultural differences, adapting more easily to the changes of globalization and generating opportunities to make contacts with people from all over the world.


The conversation club is a fun space in which students practice their oral skills in a relaxed environment. Our students not only practice what they have learned in class, but also acquire different points of view on specific topics, thus expanding their language skills and favoring coexistence between classmates.


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